Portfolio bag with zipper MON CARRY


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Product Description
With that little bit extra…compartment.Where is your office? Under my arm. What about you? On the trolley. MON CARRY is the small office for on the go. Only 25 x 35 cm, but with plenty of space for documents, files or laptops and tablets up to 13″. And with a clever extra compartment for everything you need on the go. Well sorted and securely held in place by flexible elastic straps. With its sturdy strap, MON CARRY is also well suited for attachment to the trolley. Anthracite and black, made of sturdy polyester.

Portfolio bag with zipper, 1 compartment for documents, files, laptop, tablet (up to 13”), 1 compartment with elastic loops for accessories (Every Day Carry), carrying handle, strap for attaching to trolley, polyester, anthracite/black.

Everything in the bag with the portfolio bag – practical compartment for any accessories, such as documents, files, laptops and tablets up to 13 inches – small extra compartment for everything you need on the go
Well sorted and securely held by flexible elastic bands – Whether smartphone accessories or other small parts, everything finds its place in this small organisational wonder – features stable loop to attach to luggage trolley
Thanks to the flexible elastic band system, you can stow all sorts of utensils in the front compartment: regardless of whether it’s make-up, which is safely stowed away in one place when traveling or a tool that you have to carry with you every day.
Files, business papers and important documents are stowed, wrinkle-free in one place, so that you have only the most important with you.

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